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At Solar Dynamics, we are revolutionizing the way South Florida thinks about solar energy by empowering businesses to harness clean and cost-effective electricity from the sun. From seamless installations to comprehensive maintenance services, our expert team ensures exceptional performance and optimum savings for your business.

With Solar Dynamics, you can reduce your energy expenses by over 80% and have a system installed in as little as one week. Go green, go solar with confidence – partner with Solar Dynamics today!

Be In Control Of Your Power Source While Paying Less

Creativity & innovation

Our systems are designed with our clients in mind. We use premium Tier-1 Black-On-Black modules for our installations. The sleek, futuristic design increase’s your properties curb appeal and can also be attractive to buyers should you ever decide to sell your home.

Fast Installation

Our experienced team of engineers and permit runners will ensure the plans are approved and permits are obtained in a timely manner. Then, our team will finalize the installation within a week.

Our Guarantee

In addition to the standard 25 year manufacturer warranty, we provide our customers with system lifetime installation guarantee.


We offer financing options which can result in payments being less than your current average electric bill. You will not have to make a payment on you solar system until it is installed, activated, and producing power. You can start the process today and experience instant monthly and yearly savings.

Net Energy Metering

Thanks to grid storage of solar energy, when your system is producing energy during the day, your utility company stores the excess power as credits. These credits become available to you at night and during the shorter days of winter. This is energy independence at its best.

Monitoring & Control

You will be able to monitor your entire solar system in real-time from anywhere using a mobile app. This app will allow you to see the energy your panels are producing daily and monthly.

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