Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Solar Dynamics is to not only ensure you get the best system for your home but that you and your family fully understand how solar works.

What rebates or incentives are available?

There is a 30% tax credit available to anyone who purchases solar technology for their home or business.

How is solar energy stored?

It is not possible to store solar energy without an energy storage component like a battery. During the day, you will use your solar energy in your home. You will sell the excess power back to the grid as “store credit.” Then you purchase it back at night or when you use a lot of power. The extra amount you produce carries over to the next month if you produce more than you use on average.

What equipment does Solar Dynamics use?

We did an exhaustive review and chose to only use products from top-of-the-line solar panels and inverters manufacturers such as Solar Edge and Enphase. We factored in factors such as warranty duration, financial stability of the company, years of experience, technologies offered, research & development capacity, and affordability. Our team is certified to install, maintain, and troubleshoot solar inverters from all our manufacturers.

Our customers are more than satisfied with our selection; we believe you will feel the same way!

Will the solar panels last in strong winds?

The solar panels we install are designed to withstand wind speeds of 170+ mph, as required by the Florida Building Code. The solar panels are attached directly to the roof trusses to ensure a secure, long-term installation.

What maintenance is required?

You should wash off dust and grime twice a year. If you let the rain do the work, you might not even notice. If the area of your home or business is known for collecting large debris or is an area where birds hang out, clean the solar panels regularly.

Should I re-roof before installing solar panels?

If you add solar to your roof today and then need to re-roof a few years later, you can easily remove the panels, re-roof, and re-install them.

If you plan on re-roofing this year, we suggest you go ahead and do it at the same time as the solar installation. That way, our installation team can work with your roofer and we can ensure your roof warranty is preserved. We are quite familiar with roofers and solar installers working together.

Will my HOA let me install solar?

Solar Access Law is a state statute in Florida. It says no HOA can restrict you from installing solar panels on your roof because of where they're installed or how they look. You have the right to install solar panels and your HOA cannot stop you from doing so.

Most of the time, an HOA will only ask for a layout of the panels on the roof.


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